Massage Therapy Services


All gift certificates purchases are subject to an additional 5% Transaction Fee.

Ultimate Relaxation Massage: (60min-$99 / 90min-$147)

Swedish techniques, light pressure. Calming, soothing, relaxing.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage: (60min-$99 / 90min-$147)

Personalised treatment for relieving tension & headaches, decreasing pain, reducing knots, improving range of motion, enhancing circulation, reducing anxiety, depression & many more…

Pregnancy Massage: (60min-$105)

Relaxing light massage for pregnant women to relieve tension & help maintaining a nice skin and healthy glow. Vitamin E enhanced gel is used on the body & body butter is applied on belly to avoid stretch marks.

Therapeutic Hot Stone: (60min-$126 / 90min-$157.50)

Heated stones are placed on the back & used to massage the body. Heat allows deeper access to the muscles. Optional: Mint cream can be applied after to deliver the incredible experience of mixed hot & cold therapy & reduce muscle pain.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue with Cupping: (60min-$126 / 90min-$157.50)

A combination of advanced massage techniques & cupping therapy. Used to drain excess fluids & toxins, stimulate the peripheral nervous system, bring blood flow to stagnant muscles & skin, & loosen adhesions, connective tissue & stubborn knots in soft tissue.

Australian Deep Tissue Massage: (90min-$168)

A combination of gentle dry exfoliation & advanced massage techniques. This service features the luxurious benefits of Macadamia Oil straight from the fields of Australia. A Lime Blossom shower-less sugar scrub will cleanse & revive the skin, followed by the hydrating & healing properties of the Nourishing Body Cream. The use of products rich with magnesium & omega 7 combined with therapeutic massage, will offer deep relaxation & relief from everyday aches & pains while restoring & hydrating your skin.

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Massage Therapy: (90min-$157.50)

If you’re injured in a MVA you should immediately visit a Chiropractor. They will assess & document your condition. Based on your assessment, you’re given permission to access at most 21 treatments. These treatments can be one or a combination of the following modalities: Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy. Blessed Be Wellness & Beauty Inc. offers direct billing to MVA clients.

Massage Therapy for Children 5 to 12yr old: (30min-$68.25) (This service is not available as I am not booking minors at this time)

Benefits: Increase their ability to concentrate, improve their sleep patterns, decrease irritability &hyperactivity… Parent must be present in the treatment room & Child Service Waiver must be completed.

VisageChi Massage: (60min-$126) (This service is currently not available due to Covid-19 restriction)

VisageChi is a face contouring massage &natural face lifting facial using natural, vegan &cruelty free products, that will hydrate your skin &breathe youth into your complexion. Perfect for all skin types.
Reveal your brighter, fresher & more youthful skin with our signature service VisageChi. You will receive a detailed neck, shoulders, scalp & face massage based on the Tsuboki Japanese face lift technique & Reflexology of the face. Then enjoy an application of cleanser, steam therapy, exfoliant, mask, toner, serum &mosturizer. Followed by lymphatic drainage & cold stone face therapy.
All products used in this service are vegan, cruelty free, 100% natural & made in Canada.

All prices listed on this page include GST. All gift certificates purchases are subject to an additional 5% Transaction Fee.

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