Important Notice

Under the current guidelines I can only provide massage therapy to clients who have either a prescription from a Medical Doctor, or a written referral from a regulated health professional such as a chiropractor or physiotherapist.

If you have an existing prescription or referral that is still valid (issued within the last 12 months), you do not need to request another one. If you do not have a valid prescription or referral please request one from your Doctor or Health Professional.

To request an appointment for massage therapy please have your prescription ready prior to making the request as I will ask you to send me a scanned as a PDF copy before I can book your appointment.

Our Online Booking System is temporarily closed. Please request an appointment by sending a text message to 5877839724 or use our contact form.

Please be aware that I went paperless. Everything is done online now. Once you book with me you will get 2 emails or text messages. The first one is confirmation of your appointment and has a link to an online history form please fill it. Then you will get a reminder 24 hours before your appointment and will have a COVID-19 form in it please fill that one too. Please stay subscribed to all email notifications. If you wish to unsubscribe text me or email me and I will unsubscribe you myself. Please do NOT uncheck your subscription boxes yourself.